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It’s Dexter, Baby

[brightcove vid=30465750001&exp3=29474209001&surl=]It’s a Comic-Con sneek peek of season four, which will not only star Dexter’s lil’ kiddle cohort but John Lithgow as the creepy mentor/foe Trinity Killer and Keith Carradine’s return as special agent Frank Lundy.

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High and Sexed Up: You Go Nurse Jackie

I admire but have no comprehension as to why anyone would want to be a nurse. I mean, as much as the next guy, I enjoy bandaging up a person who might otherwise bleed to death but a lives-in-your-hands day job?not so much. As caring as one may be, you?d eventually have to tone down […]

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A University Where Knowledge is Given Out Like Virginity On Prom Night

Online schools have really taken off with University-level education being offered by a number of reputable institutes of higher learning. Today there are a variety of classes that range way beyond reading, writing and arithmetic – and what’s really great is a number of them are free! That’s why when I found out the University […]

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