A University Where Knowledge is Given Out Like Virginity On Prom Night

universityofandy Online schools have really taken off with University-level education being offered by a number of reputable institutes of higher learning. Today there are a variety of classes that range way beyond reading, writing and arithmetic - and what's really great is a number of them are free!universityofandy3 That's why when I found out the University of Andy added a full schedule of real-world classes I had to sign up! Their mission, "to extend life's lessons beyond the classroom", is an important foundation for taking your studies to the next level. "How to Know If You're Dating a Crazy", "How to Start a Band", and "Holding Your Liquor" are among the available courses. Some focus on issues that fall under the category of boy-style logic - but it's not just for boys, because girls need these insights to how a guy thinks and lives.

The best thing for Weeds fans, is that this is one school where stoners are very likely to succeed. Courses only take a matter of minutes and you need just five to get your degree! Let Weed's Andy Botwin help you find your inner-winner!

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