Are You A Prisoner?

the prisoner t-shirt AMC's make-over of the cult hit The Prisoner began airing last night. They take on the challenge of the reinvent, keeping it sharp, quick and entertaining with Jim Caviezel (in the role of "Number Six" ? originally played by the late Patrick McGoohan) and Ian McKellen in the roles of "Number Two", the man in charge of "The Village". This spy-fi thriller gets a more modern spin as it reevaluates the question of who is really in control of our lives: "You only think you're free."The Village logo Prisoner t-shirt Gold Label isn't scared to take it on either. The new official Gold Label The Prisoner online store has just opened with classy graphics from the show. Check out I Am Not a Number, Welcome to the Village, Resist Obey, There is No Out and more. Visit the store and choose from a variety of merchandise including t-shirts, hoodies, caps, stickers, buttons, mousepads. You're not just a number to us; seek the Six with The Prisoner T-shirts and Gifts!