Brotherly Love Can Be a Good Thing

dexter-edgy-imageDexter may not have won any Golden Globe awards this year (is being nominated enough of a consolation prize?), but the star of the show sure did walk away a winner; he married his sister! Okay, kinda gross but what do you expect from a serial killer. Yes, Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and TV sis Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) quietly eloped to Big Sur New Year's eve; in time to enjoy a little off-time before Season 4 starts shooting this Spring. A coincidence that Dex and his TV honey Rita just got married on the show, but their nuptials include foreshadowing of a potentially short honeymoon phase. Sadly we won't be able to find out until next fall how that turns out. 'Til then, how about a nice blood-riddled Dexter shirt to proudly display which show your Golden Globe votes would have gone towards!