Daddy Dexter is Living the Dream – You Can Too!

Dexter t-shirts Dexter's stressin' this season as the demands of work, marriage, and family get in the way of satisfying the needs of his "Dark Passenger." How can even a do-good serial Dexter coffee travel mugkiller be successful if he can't get enough sleep? This season Dexter has his car packed with dead bodies and the baby seat, and we've got the "car sign" design to go with it. Get Dexter's "Body On Board" on an array of items from t-shirts to stickers. We sent Dex this lovely ceramic travel mug (steel inner sleeve) so he has something of high quality to keep his coffee nice 'n' warm while he's on the go and trying stay awake; he loves it! Gold Label has over a dozen other designs dedicated to America's favorite serial killer ? and it won't kill you to check them out.