Daybreakers’ Vampires: Less Tween, More Gore

I?m not much of a vampire  fan. Part of this may be because when I was younger my parents had this dark, scary, charcoal rendering on the wall; a haunting image of a man and woman whom I deduced were vampires. I never asked my parents about it ? it simply seemed logical that because they resembled the couple in the painting my parents could quite possibly be vampires too. When I was scared at night I?d crawl into bed with them, but I would keep my hands wrapped around my neck just in case.

At that point most of the vampire movies I?d seen were the Dracula classics. Despite these anxieties, over the years I?ve been able to enjoy some quality blood-sucking entertainment while minimizing exposure:  The Hunger, Love at First Bite, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV), True Blood (and okay, Kate Beckingsale is hot). Still, I tread lightly and my preference remains one foot in the kitchy to soften the edge. But times are tough in this the Twilight era; total avoidance futile. And maybe it?s time to get over childish childhood fears ? especially if there's a really good looking vampire flick coming out. This January, Lionsgate is bringing vampires into the future with their new stylized sci-fi thriller Daybreakers. Set in 2019, a plague has swept over the earth turning most of the world?s population into vampires. Now considered second-class citizens, the remaining humans are hunted and farmed for vampire consumption. Ethan Hawke plays the good-guy vampire who is working to perfect a blood substitute, which could sustain vampires and save the humans. Perhaps he hasn?t seen True Blood, but it seems ? no matter how available the synthetic is ? some vampires will always prefer to feed on the real thing. There may be another alternative though ? turning vampires back into humans! Problem is, some vampires would prefer to live forever. ?And so commences the battle that will determine the fate of the human race. If you?re a vampire fan and look forward to something less tween / more hard-edged with a dash of blood-lust camp, Daybreakers may be for you. [vodpod id=Groupvideo.4285667&w=425&h=350&fv=e%3D4bffc0037b3a3a473a9a2f4e92ed7a23c70b2277d530099d1865f7dc06525b6c7b7d8e83cee9272d097bd8f460313120c8c4bbab9990db92eec20dcd6949f91b6db8e64c27bcca75a791835e40ca12a13a21cc9adab1aaa8a6%26width%3D500%26height%3D407%26autostart%3Dundefined%26allowscriptaccess%3D] And if you see a curly-haired girl in the back of the theater with her eyes closed and her hands wrapped around her neck ? don?t worry, that?s just me.

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Darby Romeo, Gold Label critic-at-large, was editor / publisher of the popular ?zine Ben Is Dead, as well as the one-off I Hate Brenda Newsletter, the Lollapalooza Tour Magazine and website Coconut Girl Wireless.