Dexter iPhone Cases in Demand

dexter iphone caseIn response to Dexter fans curious about how to get those ?Dexter? iPhone cases that came out in the end of March, the bad news... you can't. Or more specifically, you won't find them at a store near you, since they were created as special give-aways for attendees at the Game Developers Conference (lucky dogs!) in anticipation for the release of Marc Ecko?s "Dexter The Game" for iPhone! The limited edition cases - and CandyShell - come in blood splattered boxes with ?Dexter The Game? logos specially printed on them. And if you want them, your best bet is a bid on eBay.

Oh yeah, and they were designed by Speck, which makes some of the coolest cases for iPods, iTouch, iPhones and MacBooks (gots me a sick velveteen plastic one on my MacBook Pro right now). Speck has hinted that, because of the big buzz, there may be more limited runs of custom printed cases.

Of course, they're taking requests for shows they may consider in the future.... Oooh, and the good news, we may not be able to help you score the iPhone case, but Gold Label really, really tries to supply tons of other cool Dexter sh*t for ya - check it out.