Dexter Season 4 News and Updates

dexter-wedding-season-fourI know you know I know you know this, but for the record, the new season premier of Dexter is coming end of September (not May as some have reported). We'll do a wait-and-see to see if the rumors are true, that after winning some noms and awards last year and getting an influx of appreciation from Showtime ($), how it might effect the style and production quality.

One thing you may not know, because we are only announcing it today - Gold Label Goods now has worldwide distribution rights to all the Dexter goods at our store. While Dexter is one of our largest sellers (and one of the highest rated Showtime series', along with Weeds), until now all the related product was U.S. only. So, for all the foreigners who have been patiently waiting, the Dark Passenger-inspired t-shirts, posters, mouse pads, mugs, clocks, er, you name it, can be yours. Psst, we also have some cool new designs awaiting approvals --- so hopefully we'll have some good news about those very soon... The other thing you may not have seen yet, is the promo for Marc Ecko's Dexter game, which is due to be released for the iPhone/iTouch next month (there are reports it will be released on PC and possibly future platforms - so don't go buy your iPhone/iTouch just yet --- and anyway, you may want to wait to see if rumors are true that the next generation iPhone could be arriving by summer). If Apple approves the Dexter game it may be the start of a whole new set of rules and standards for iPhone apps --- if not, and if it gets rejected, perhaps we'll see some geek-riots at this year's SD ComicCon. P.S. Did I mention, pre-orders for the Dexter action figure are now being taken at the Showtime site - check it out.