Gold Label Fangirl of the Week: Grifter!

Don't even think of challenging a Leverage fan's devotion ? they are hardcore. And that's certainly the case of our fangirl of the week: Viv(ienne) aka RightClick5ave. She's got blogs, web sites, twitter devoted to the cause. Mz. Viv graciously sent us this photo of herself ? with her brand-spankin'-new Gold Label Leverage store merch including Leverage t-shirts, Leverage mugs and even a Leverage mousepad. Viv describes herself as "Profane* and easily excitable. TV whore. Leverage/Fringe fangirl. Compulsive over-tweeter. Card-carrying philogynist 😉 ) So follow her on Twitter, and follow her lead by checking out our awesome selection of Leverage apparel and merch at Gold Label Goods. Hey, follow us on Twitter too! And send pict links with you and your Gold Label gear via direct message and you may find yourself featured on the Gold Label blog! * I did see her tweet the f-bomb yesterday :0

*   *   *

Season 3 of Leverage premieres Sunday, June 20th at 9pm with two back-to-back episodes!  The following Sunday, June 27th, TNT will also be showing two episodes back-to-back starting at 9pm.