How Fanatical Are We?: New Leverage Designs!

We know it's really selfish, but when it comes to the TNT TV show Leverage we can't seem to help ourselves. We've just added even more new Leverage designs to our already incredible selection. You know, a few shiny jewels to distract and satisfy deep-rooted desires as we not-so-patiently await this season's premiere June 20th. Included are some of our fave products to go with these awesome graphics. First, our Leverage Team Jobs Journal. This 160 page notebook is the best place to write out your long cons. Black with big bold text, you are sure to attract the attention of other plotting grifters in your fave Portland coffee shop. 😉 And second, the pièce de résistance, these space-saving Leverage Consulting Stackable Mugs. With four ceramic mugs to the set, each has a slightly-pinched base so they stack perfectly together. The outside is a cool retro-white, featuring the same design on the outside, while on the inside you'll find that each mug has a different eye-catching color: Avocado, Sunflower, Sky Blue, and Papaya. The durable ceramic is microwave safe, dishwasher safe (use top rack), and hacker resistant. So use your brains, visit the Gold Label Leverage store asap because who knows how long these designs will be available!