Jennifer Jason Leigh Tokes Up ‘Weeds’

jennifer-jason-leigh-on-weedsWe're totally (s)toked to hear Weeds is featuring Jennifer Jason Leigh as Mary Louise Parker's estranged older sister on -at least two episodes of- the popular Showtime show. She supposedly turned down the role at first because it required nudity. Huh? From Fast Times at Ridgemont High to Last Exit to Brooklyn she's never seemed to shy away from such roles. Of course, she did turn down the lead in Pretty Woman 'cause she'd played too many prostitutes already --- though it's likely she thought the script too corny. Anyway, she's had a couple ridiculous roles in her career -Single White Female to be sure- but Leigh along with Parker were two seriously talented hotties of the GenX crowd's young movie going lives so we can't wait to get high on this quality strain. The fifth season of Weeds is tentatively set to premier June 8th.jennifer-jason-leigh-roles