Netflix Renews and Cancels Hemlock Grove

hemlock_grove_season Hemlock Grove fans are faced with the bittersweet today – the show will be renewed with season three airing in 2015… but it will be the final season. Executive producer Eli Roth posted a video to his fans this morning on his Instagram:  "Thank you to the fans of Hemlock Grove. You got us the last season, season three. We're going to make a killer season for you, and are definitely going out with a bang." The show just got better and better during season two, so we can't even imagine what's in store for the final season (10 episodes) of Hemlock Grove. Thanks Netflix, for continuing to bring us awesome programming! Check out the latest teaser here and of course our official Hemlock Grove shop for the best Hemlock Grove tees and merchandise.   Hemlock Grove final season