Dexter: Power Saw to the People T-Shirt

dexter-power-saw-to-the-people You may not have the $475 lying around to purchase Showtime's limited edition, signed, Shepard Fairey "Power Saw to the People" silk screen, but this Dexter design (originally commissioned in honor of Dexter's inaugural appearance at last year's ComicCon) is available through Gold Label on everything from mugs to mousepads. And in regards to the debate over whether Fairey's graphic art is street or sell-out, personally, if it's good enough for Andre the Giant and's good enough for us. LATE BREAKING NEWS --- Gold Label Goods just got the okay to print the Power Saw design on t-shirts as well! Be the first on your block to get yours! obey obey obey! (Okay, I guess the Obamicon link needs to go in here somewhere...).