Showtime Quality Control: What Shows Got Axed

nurse-jackie-the-united-states-of-taraGood news and bad. Showtime has given the "heads-up" for another season of The Tudors. Bad news is it will be the last. That 10-episode shoot will be shot in Ireland this summer (airdate unknown). As much as we love The Tudors, this may be a smart move by the execs, saving it from potential future monotony (though we can't help but wonder if star Rhys Meyers was the one with the insight --- that and the fact that he may be yearning to return to films perhaps).

It ends up that four of the new pilots in the works over at Showtime -including Tim Robbins' Possible Side Effects, Jenji Kohan's Ronna and Beverly, the L Word spin-off The Farm, and Matthew Perry's The End of Steve- are all off the table. Ouch. What has been approved? Tracey Ullman's State of the Nation Season 2 is just starting up (watch the preview here). Edie Falco's dramedy Nurse Jackie will begin this spring. And it looks like The United States of Tara is going strong -with Toni Collette how could it not!- with 12 episodes of Season Two being okayed for 2010. And of course, we're waiting on the new seasons of Dexter and Weeds's aaallll good.