Showtime’s Jenny Schecter Memorial Sweepstakes

jenny-schecter-tombstone-builder-l-wordShowtime's making the most of the last season of their mega-popular series The L Word. They're holding a Jenny Schecter Memorial Sweepstakes, which runs Monday through Sunday of each of the remaining weeks of this season. One week contestants were asked to come up with What's on Jenny's Tombstone? Last week's contest included the query, What will you ask the spirit of Jenny Schecter? Showtime gave some sample possibilities like, Why didn't you wear a bra? But probably the most realistic question I saw in the 100+ entries was, So Jenny, are we gay people welcome up there?jnny-schecter-l-word-sweepstakes The best submitted responses win some L Word swag. And each week's winners are then entered into a final sweepstakes where they will have a chance to get their hands on a piece of The L Word history: including the costume Jenny Schecter wore in her final moments!