Showtime’s L Word Spin-off

What's more scary than life behind bars?

A TV show about women behind bars, perhaps?


The 6th and final season of the popular Showtime show The L Word, has led off with "Jenny" dead in the pool. Through flashbacks we will spend the eight episode season figuring out this whodunnit ala Dallas' "Who Killed JR?" Hmmm... This has led to mixed reaction from fans; many pleased that Jenny's finally been offed, but bummed that the whole season will essential focus on her as they flashback three months in time to sort out the chain of events. AfterEllen LWord vloggers Dee & Jenn of "Come with Me if You Want to Live" (who do a ridiculous, funny, supa-extended recap of the plot lines - in case you want to catch up) jokingly likened it to a Lesbian game of Clue. after-ellen-l-word-61 Though we may not yet know who killed Jenny, there are some obvious "spoiler alerts". One being that, on the Showtime site, you are invited to cast your vote for a possible suspect. Thing is, there are only six choices: Niki, Alice, Shane, Tina, Bette, or Helena. Secondly, though the spin-off will include a new cast -with just a few L Word stars reprising their roles- they did announce that "Alice" (played by actress Leisha Hailey) is set to l-word-shanestar. Ergo, logic dictates that whether "Alice" did the deed, was set-up, or -as some promos infer- she's taking the rap for a friend, she is the one who goes to jail. Of course Showtime hasn't announced whether or not they will pick up the new show (tentatively titled The Farm). While they've filmed the pilot they've yet to edit it together and we're told it will be a few months before they make their decision. Including high-profile talents like Famke Janssen and Laurie Metcalf may mean it has more than a fighting chance...but for many of us, we just hope it includes Shane! What do you think about it? [polldaddy poll=1308428]