Duke of Fancy Tries to Bill Us $1,000,000 for This Interview!

The world-wide exclusive interview with one of the most obscenely rich men on the planet: Duke of Fancy. Symbol of everything so wrong it's wrong. Are there any down sides to being fabulously rich? [Unfortunately we were only met with raucous laughter toward this question. After the ten minutes it took to subside, we tried asking again but could only get halfway through the sentence....] What do you think of the "recessions" everyone complains about? What recession? Have you had any members of PETA complain about your hunting activities? I've eaten MANY of the animals mentioned by the generous folks over at PETA. The acronym stands for "Please Eat That Animal" I believe. My butler, bless his poor heart, makes sure my dolphin meat is cooked extra-rare and flipping just the way I like it. Were you heartbroken when the country didn't vote for Romney and his Binders Full of Women? That's adorable – you think "the country" votes to elect "the President". Who are you hoping will be President next time around? Would you ever consider running? Why would I downgrade myself to such limited power? How would you rule the world?duke_of_fancy_portrait_mug Just watch. What types of extracurricular activities are you involved with that we'd be surprised about? For creatures without opposable thumbs, our Reptilian Overlords sure play a mean game of croquet! Is it true the 1% don't fart? Sorry, I believe you're mistaken: only 1% of people who smell my farts live to tell about it. Are you a gambling man? [The Duke then lifted one of his butt cheeks from the chair]. We saw in the news there was some brouhaha between you and Santa last year – tell us about that? Do you have special plans this holiday season?? Brouhaha? Was Santa laughing at me? Did you hear him do this? TELL ME! I WILL RID THE WORLD OF THAT MIDGET LOVING FATSO ONCE AND FOR ALL! What is this Rug Burn company you are involved with? What's your connection with Zack Keller and John Dusenberry? ARE THEY IN CAHOOTS WITH SANTA?! WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE! I DEMAND THEIR HEADS! What is your favorite Duke of Fancy item for sale at the official Duke of Fancy store? My favorite item is hidden... and is only available once you have purchased all merchandise on the Duke of Fancy store for you and your closest friends and family.

–  –  –  –  –

It should be noted that at this point in the interview Duke turned toward his butler and whispered very loudly, "My favorite item is their money, Chauncey! Now carry me to the jet!" If you haven't yet, check out the Duke of Fancy You Tube Channel – brought to you by Rug Burn. A joint collaboration of Titmouse and Six Point Harness animation studios. John Dusenberry and Zack Keller (co-creator of Mondo Media's show Dick Figures) have worked together at Six Point Harness on Dick Figures for the last two years. And enjoy the very fancy Duke of Fancy apparel and merchandise at the official Rug Burn store. DOFcomp