The Importance of January 20, 2009

blind-mag-repoWeighing in on the level of importance between inauguration of the 44th President of the United States of America or a DVD release, we have to admit the former makes for a more highlighted news feature. But, besides Barack Obama swooping in to save the day (please, oh, please!), January 20th will also be known as the day Repo! The Genetic Opera was released on DVD. During hard economic times, our lifestyles may succumb but entertainment must prevail (escapism = essential). So, in a symbolic show of mass escapism to a Sarah Brightman high-octave extreme (uh-huh), we're working our lil' tushes off to bring you more salacious Repo-wear. Check back in the next week! In the meantime, picking up the new DVD might temporarily squelch any residual Bush-o-nomic grief, while Blind Mag on a dark hoodie is expertly designed to keep you smiling and warm on the many chilly winter eves to come.