Tig and Friends Party Down At Largo

While not an official Party Down event, we officially had a blast with almost the entire Party Down crew last night. Every month or so Tig, from the Sarah Silverman show, hosts her own evening of mayhem at the Largo Coronet Theater on La Cienega in Los Angeles, where she invites the cast of a TV show to... play. After a short but sweet intro by Sarah Silverman (something to the effect that Tig's show is her fave), Tig came on to do her thing; an amenably edgy comedy routine. This time round it was a hilarious 14 minute bit about her run-ins with Taylor Dayne. You know, '80s/early '90s songstress. No really, we were rolling on the floor. Party Down got into the action with a reading from an antiquated Neil Simon play ('so bad it's funny' turned into 'so bad it's bad' and they laughingly later referenced the bit as one of their worst moments in the biz). Martin Starr's band Common Rotation hit the stage; somewhere bluegrass rap... with a twist and most talented. Everyone had their moment singing with the group, from Martin's version of "Old Man's Money", Ryan Hansen rockin' "I Believe I Can Fly", to Megan and Martin pullin' out all the stops with Akinyele's "Put It in My Mouth" (beyond silly with Megan's disposition and cartoonish affliction). Tig kept the funny rolling with an audience Q&A and then a sit-down with the cast succumbing to Tig's ridiculous questions. This included a smartest to dumbest of the crew answered by Ryan (apparently Megan is the smartest and since Martin beats him up Martin is the dumbest). And I never did figure out Ken Marino's late entrance in a Woody from Toy Story costume...?! The Party Down cast and producers were charming and accommodating, chatting it up post-show with friends and fans alike at the intimate theater courtyard setting. We brought them some Gold Label Goods Party Down party favors, which they had yet to see and absolutely loved: Martin and his "Hard SciFi" trucker hat and t-shirt; Ryan and his "Party Down" mug (yes, your briefs are coming!), and Adam and his "Are We Having Fun Yet" water bottle. A good time all the way around and if you're in LA for Tig's next event... go! And if you have a TV (!) you definitely need to get Starz so you can watch Party Down!

*  *  *

Photos by Revo grrl & photog entraordinaire Nina Brav