Validating True and Mock Tweets in Celebrity Twitterdom

twitter-tweet-bird-logoIt's surreal sometimes, so many newspapers going bankrupt, firing talented but suddenly outdated investigative reporters and longtime writers; swiftly replacing them with social networking bloggers and tweeters who are now supplying the world demand for minimal word count packaged to satiate the easy digestible now-is-wow mingling media marketplace. It'll be interesting to see the potential backlash in five years but 'til then there are pro's...and con' experiencing this laconic, one-on-one impersonalization of social (ir)relevance.

We waste so much time with excess anyway, and these Tweets certainly cut to the chase. Is filling the mind and free moments with another person's daily routine -no matter how short and sweet- collectively taking up more energy while supplying less substance?

Sure it is! Luckily indulging is cheaper than a tabloid at the supermarket, delivering a surplus o' spiel straight to your computer or phone, connecting us all with the warm and fuzzy feeling that, even though we're not invited to the party, we've got the inside scoop. News big and small unfiltered ASAP. A marketers dream; and who, if not celebrities, are the ultimate self-marketers?!

Unfortunately perhaps, Twitter currently has no regulation on Celebrity Tweets (meaning, similar to web sites and blogs, you never know for certain if it's the star, their publicist, or some snot-faced teen wreaking havock from his or her bedroom). Still, there are a few ways to verify whether of not it's a true or mock tweet. When news services started writing about famous Twitterers, such as the Dalai Lama, they found out the embarrassing way that, despite the demise of real news you still need to fact-check, and manytwitter-celebrities-stars-tweet had to retract their stories. It was obvious a reality check void needed to be filled.

Valebrity, which validates social celebrities, (thanks for the tip AnswerBitch!*) is currently the best site to find out whether or not your favorite star's online forays are fer-real. Scotland based, it does focus heavily on those British stars American's could care less / know less about. Nevertheless, there's enough coverage (and growing) of our most popular to be pertinent. They even give you links to the celebs and how their Twitter was validated - pretty cool.

Another way to scrutinize authenticity, is to look through a celeb's TwitPics to see if they're common publicity shots, ones you've seen in the gossip mags, or real life photos that are obviously personal. Once you decipher your real celebs from fakers, true from mock tweets, you're good to go on the legal and wanted stalking of the stars.

Personally, I find it helpful to get words of positivity from mini-Moore socializer "Rue" Willis, for example, who insightfully counsels "Tell Yourself You Are Beautiful Today!" Okay! Knowing that Brooke Burke is starting a new fitness program keeps her on my mind. And how else would I discover sweet-gone-sour Bachelor Jason Mesnick (who had to do what he had to do...!) and his new gal Mols are starting up their blogs at And hey, while you're at it, might as well check in with Darth Vadar and stay abreast of his intergalactic killing sprees.

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Next up: Our fave TV Twitters.

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