Weeds Makes Dope Designs Fun Again

weeds-showtime-tv-graphic Maybe I'm talkin' outta my ass, but I think Gold Label Goods sells the kuwlest collection of authentic Weeds designs out there. The show, in general, incorporates amazing design work from the sets to their marketing campaigns (well, when you have the gorgeous Mary-Louise Parker as the centerpiece it ain't too difficult). This new graphic was created by Weed's Co-Executive Producer Mark Burley, who also does lots of work on the production side. Stay tuned, as we hope to bring you a few pre-season interviews with some of the Weeds folks soon (just not sure if I should get stoned beforehand...). Anyway, the Season 5 premier date has yet to be announced, with online rumors ranging from April to July (though last year it was June so most are betting on that). We do know it was renewed for thirteen episodes for both Seasons 5 and 6, and that we'll finally find out whether or not Nancy really is pregnant or if she pulled that rabbit out of her hat to save herself (and, as some are guessing, it's really the ultrasound of Silas' girlfriend). So here are a few of the Weeds designs available on all kinds of product -check 'em out and more- at our Gold Label Goods store! weeds-agrestic-bakery weeds-agrestic-high weeds-chris-died-for-your-sins weeds-caution-t-shirt