Last Night’s Mad Men Makes Us Want a Stiff One


After last night’s episode of Mad Men (“Field Trip”) – awkward! – we’d expect Don to run for a stiff one. The idea that one of the strings attached to making a return at Sterling Cooper & Partners is that he’s not allowed to drink in the office already makes it a challenge. The other criteria: He is not to be alone with clients; he must stick to the script in meetings; he will have Lane’s old office, where Lane hung himself; and, yikes, he must report to Lou!

What we think after last night’s episode:

1. Betty should definitely not be a stay at home mom – she should stay as far away from her children as possible.

2. We love Megan, but – a couple cracks in the facade – we worry there may be a Valley of the Dolls scenario in her future.

3. Those people at SC&P don’t deserve the greatness that is Don Draper… and they are definitely setting him up for failure!

4. How does Matt Weiner make the word “O.K.” so powerful?!?!

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