Mad Men Most Awkward Scenes: Season 6 Episode 4

Mad Men To Have and To Hold Joan

Mad Men is known to showcase life’s off-moments and let them dangle and meander in relative real time, leaving viewers to strain in vein to make things right, at least in their mind. But Mad Men will never be that show that wraps things up in a pretty bow, or makes it easy on viewers by letting characters ride off into the sunset. Life isn’t like that. Shit goes down after the sunset scene.

Probably one of the most awkward situations from last night’s episode “To Have and To Hold”: Joan going out with her friend to a club, and ending up sitting alone on the couch as her friend makes out with a guy. Women, have we not all been there at some point or another? No matter how old, attractive and amazing we are, we’re never immune to self-doubt. For some reason we give those moments too much power, and start questioning ourselves. For Joan the circumstance parallels her dilema at the office. She questions her place there; she’s no longer a secretary, she’s a partner, but is she respected? The temporary sugar-buzz solution: prove to yourself you are viable and desired; use a man to do it. While Joan fans cheer her 1960s feminist qualities, we want to yell at our heroine: You don’t need any man in order to be a powerful ? and sexy ? woman.

With a show like Mad Men that always keeps us guessing if the characters are a complete lost cause, in Joan we still have hope.