Mad Men Mystery Date with Paranoia

Last night’s episode of Mad Men manipulated dark thoughts of rational and irrational fears; delusions of righteous wars (and ego boosts); corporate shenanigans; careless appetites; requisite Jews, blacks, racial divides; murder and loss of control ? for real and in one’s fever dreams?. But don’t let the paranoia invade your subjective mind ? there are pills for that! And just when you think you have all the rules in life figured out, you might suddenly get kicked under the rug (or bed), to the curb, or in the shin: “That’s for nothing, so look out!”

This is our pick for product that best goes with the “Mystery Date” episode: Mad Men Don Draper Fear Stimulates Journal. Cheaper than a psychiatrist; write down all the paranoid thoughts and unplanned rendezvous with deep dark desires and fears that each episode inspires. Shop for this and our many other original Mad Men designs at the official Mad Men store.