“The Strategy” and Our Favorite Mad Men Quotes #TheMorningAfter


Mad Men‘s “The Strategy” exposes the place advertising has had on formulating the rules of society in an ever-changing America. This episode we see a strategizing between the sexes, within the family, at the workplace… and marketing of a culture through fear and insecurities; taunting the customer into purchasing a guilt-free, idealized existence. Or at least helping to establish that the life they are living is acceptable. 

A few of our favorite quotes from last night’s episode:

“We need to address how to give homemakers permission.” –Peggy

“When we grow up, we’re going to kill you and marry your wife.” –Roger

“I’m drinking rum!” –Pete

“Lou, you’ve never seen Don at his best… it’ll be a tear-jerker.” –Pete

“Don will give authority. You will give emotion.” –Pete

“Don has emotion. I have authority.” –Peggy

“I’m always working, Peggy, and so are you.” –Don

“Now it’s tainted, it’s poisoned, because you expressed yourself!” –Peggy

“You’ve seen your daughter for the year. Don’t you have a plane to catch?” –Trudy

“You’re not going to f*ck your way out of this.” –Bonnie

mad men buger chef

“I only thought you needed your summer things.” –Don

“Did you park your white horse outside?” –Peggy

“Moms job is to make dinner. Burger Chef’s job is to stop her.” –Peggy

“Bob, you shouldn’t be with a woman.” – Joan

“I know I am flawed, but I am offering you more than anyone else ever will.” -Bob

“I want love. And I’d rather die hoping that happens than make some arrangement.” –Joan

“What if there were a place with no TVs?” –Peggy

“I hate even the word family. It’s vague.” –Pete

“She’s doing it the way she wants to do it. You want it right or not?” –Don

‘Til next week, mid-season finalé, when we find out how many conspiracy theories (Megan’s death, airline crashes, Sharon Tate, Valley of the Dolls…) are not destined to come true. We’re only at the half-way point, so there’s still time for some of the chess piece maneuvers to make sense. Whatever happens, and regardless of all the fan/critic theorizing, Matthew Weiner will do it the way he wants to do it. Yup, he’ll do it his way.